Independent Repairer Technical Escalation (V2)

Please be aware of the preconditions required to obtain Technical Support. You must have the literature required (available from erWin), a sufficiently trained technician and the necessary tools and measurement equipment. Please ensure the form is completed in full and an up to date diagnostic log is submitted, where required. If your enquiry relates to the content or operation of an ODIS test plan, be sure to include a complete ODIS support request. Failure to do so may lead to delays in assistance.

Please note – when you complete this form, any personal details will be retained and processed by Volkswagen Group UK Limited for the purposes of responding to your request and providing you with technical advice. You agree by submitting the form that we may contact you (on the details provided) in relation to this request.

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Has the vehicle previously been to the workshop with the same complaint before? Yes
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Has a comparable vehicle been tested? Yes
Are there any fault codes recorded? If yes please list (or state 'on log').
Has a diagnostic log has been sent to (if sent online please state in comments box). Yes
What diagnostic machine are you using (please note if you are not using current VWG equipment we may not be able to assist)?

NOTE - If using a VWG diagnostic machine or laptop based software, please check the Erwin site to ensure you are on the latest ODIS software. Diagnostic logs on out of date software will be returned, leading to delays in assistance.

Have you attached the compressed file containing your complete ODIS support request? This issue is not linked to the function or content of ODIS
Has the vehicle had any performance enhancement’s (ECU mapping, exhaust modifications etc....)? Yes
If 'Yes' what modifications have been made.
Has the vehicle had any none VWG approved accessories fitted (towbars, Bluetooth kits etc....)? Yes
If 'Yes' please list what accessories have been fitted.
What work has been carried out in the workshop (please list the results of all checks)?
Please state what Technical assistance you require.
Please list parts & part numbers fitted, if applicable (please not we can not advise on the fitment/use of none VWG parts):